Adopt a Donkey

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BON-JOVI is a mule (half donkey/half pony) who was rescued via the RSPCA and was in a very poor state. He had virtually no shelter and was standing in deep mud. He is a wonderfully helpful animal, and is broken to the saddle and harness. Once he was fit and healthy he used to draw the little cart for the children`s rides and therefore maintained that he was the only animal on the working staff.(Rover, the guard dog disputed this!) These days he has no need to work any more, and devotes all his time to (too much) eating. He is on a diet, much to his disgust. He has a sweet nature, except on days when a gale is blowing and has the advantage of choosing whether to be a donkey, or a pony, or sometimes both,on each day as it dawns.

• Regular adoption (£15.5 17.5€ $22)
• The Adoption Gift Pack (£28.5 33€ $42)

Price: £ 15.50   € 17.50   $ 22.00