Adopt a Donkey

adopt a donkey ONCE a donkey has been taken into our care, we continue to undertake the cost of that care month after month, year after year. The bills increase, if anything, as the animals’ requirements increase – for example, some of the elderly donkeys need medicaments nearly all the time these days, and these are VERY expensive. We can only continue to help them if the funds are available to pay the bills.Unlike some organisations these days N.E.D.D.I. receives no support from the Lottery fund or similar.

So you see, YOUR HELP is essential………..

A month’s supply of painkillers alone cost £42.00.

By adopting one of the donkeys you will be helping us to cover the costs of his or her care.

How do I keep in touch?

As an adopter you will receive: an adoption certificate with picture of your chosen donkey; a news-letter; an up-dated picture & newsletter in 6 months’ time.

Can I adopt as a gift for someone else?

Adopting a donkey makes a perfect gift for young and old alike. If there any special instructions (for example a specific delivery date for a birthday) just send them to us in the panel “Delivery instructions” in the Shopping Cart page.

If your adoption is a RE-ADOPTION please just mark this in the “Delivery Instructions” when you reach the Shopping Cart page.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the adoption formula as specified below:

ADOPT A DONKEY (standard adoption)

adopt a donkey

We suggest a minimum annual payment of £15.50 (UK) . This brings a personalised adoption certificate, with a picture of your chosen donkey.  In 6 months the adopter will receive a new picture and a news letter.adopting one of t

on will be helping , together with a news-letter and new picture in 6 months’ time

The Neddi adoption GIFT PACK

The Standard Adoption (as shown above) comes with an additional prettily wrapped fluffy donkey, with name tag, which will be sent directly to the recipient, together with adoption certificate & picture, and your personal message on the gift tag. They will also receive a news letter and new photo in 6 months time.

Price (p&p included) £28.50 (UK)
(approx.  32.50 euros + P&P ,  or $44 US + P&P  )


What do I have to do to adopt a donkey?

Just choose your donkey here