COQUETTE – super tall, like her brother, Boysie. Much more confident – just a pretty french lady!

• Regular adoption – £15.5
• The Adoption Gift Pack – £28.5

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Coquette used to live some way outside Paris. Their owner used to visit her every Sunday but as she got older even this unsatisfactory arrangement got more and more difficult. She was very worried for Coquette’s safety in case something happened during the week, or if she could not visit, so a veterinary friend of the family sought out NEDDI & arranged for her to come into NEDDI’s care. She is VERY big – tall and proportionately large generally. Most people think she is a large mule, or a donkey of the Poitou breed, but she does not have that distinctive “Rasta” coat. She is just – big! She took a little time to get used to new people and new donkeys but is now happy in her home, even if it’s a bit tricky getting round her if she is standing in the way!

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Regular Adoption, The Adoption Gift Pack