The Ultimate Plum Pudding

This delicious, luxurious Christmas pudding is made in Cumbria to a family recipe. Exceptionally light, it is full of flavour, packed with succulent ingredients soaked in lots of brandy and sherry, and it has absolutely no trace of bitterness. Most people have no idea that a Christmas pudding can be this good. Join the exalted group of customers and at the same time benefit NEDDI. “ Price includes P & P

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The company is small and the puddings virtually hand made so you can't buy an Ultimate Plum Pudding in a supermarket. If you want the pudding the BBC Good Food Magazine said was as good as the best home made this is your best bet. Customers include some of the very best hotels and prestigious retailers, including Fortnum & Mason who go to the Ultimate Plum Pudding Company for their private label puddings, Join the exalted group of customers and at the same time benefit NEDDI. “

Price: £ 8.85

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Pack of 6 Christmas (3 each of 2 designs) cards with envelopes. "Jazzy's first Christmas" & "Jimmy in the snow". 13 cms x 18cms. Price includes P&P

Price: £ 3.10

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“NED” the donkey

A sweet little stocking filler. 5cms high x 11 cms. long. Price includes P & P

Price: £ 1.50

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Adoption Gift Pack

This is a gift that lasts for 12 whole months, and gives love twice over - once to the adopter and again to the rescued donkeys in N.E.D.D.I.’s care. £27.50 brings an "Adoption Certificate" with a picture of your chosen donkey and a delightful fluffy toy donkey, with a smart name tag. In 6 months' time a news-letter and up-dated picture arrives. Just choose the donkey from the list on the "Adopt a Donkey" page and we will send your gift, prettily wrapped in a gift bag, and a "With love" card bearing your message. Of course, the adopted donkey would love to receive a visit any time his adopter is near his sanctuary.

Price: £ 28.50

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Soft donkey hairband, 10 cms. Price includes P & P

Price: £ 1.40

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Christmas book

16 page full colour book, “The Donkeys’ Christmas Tale” tells the Christmas story from the point of view of the donkeys there at the time (some of whom resemble the donkeys living at the NEDDI sanctuary quite closely!) 13 delightful illustrations by Jacqui Jones

Price: £ 1.75

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China thimble

Pretty china thimble with NEDDI donkey's head design. Sold in plastic protector/display container. A must for collectors!Price includes P & P

Price: £ 1.60

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“Mary” Christmas card

Pack of 6 Christmas cards, with envelopes. 11cms x 11cms. Price includes P & P

Price: £ 1.95

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