Aims & Objectives

The AIMS & OBJECTIVES of The New European Distressed Donkey Inititative Ltd

General policy:

It is the policy of NEDDI to:

Effect rescues of donkeys, where required, by whatever legal & proper means are available to the sanctuary.

Improve the existing stock of working animals by systematic removal of the weakest, by purchase if essential, thus leaving fitter animals available to work. The organisation considers it to be a fact that where an owner of a working animal has had to invest slightly more than previously, an understanding of worth will be encouraged, thus improving the treatment of the “investment”.

Work with discretion at all times where acquisition of animals is concerned. It is important that the creation of a “market” for sickly animals is not created.

Understand that a non-combative method of acquiring animals achieves the best results for the animals.

Work for political and national policy changes relating to the improvement of donkey welfare.

NEDDI believes that there is no problem with fit, healthy animals carrying out reasonable work and that such work is necessary to a fit animal’s mental state. Boredom & apathy breeds trouble in animals as it does in humans. The organisation understands that in some parts of the world such work by animals is essential to the livelihood of human beings.

However, NEDDI will work hard to ensure that

* the work the animals are asked to do is reasonable                             

* that food, water & rest are offered at reasonable intervals

* that the animal is fit for the work it is required to do.

NEDDI is established:-

To offer care & safety to donkeys (and to a lesser degree, ponies) within Britain & Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or mal-treatment.

To offer rescue to such animals from undesirable situations, within the financial and practical constraints prevailing at the time.

To co-operate with like-minded organisations in the areas of information, legal and transport, using established agents where possible.

To work for rehabilitation of those animals rescued, by offering all necessary veterinary care, suitable diet & rest.

To educate the public in the care of donkeys and to promote familiarity with the animals, their proper treatment & requirements.

To offer animals not restored to complete fitness a safe home for the balance of their days, either within NEDDI facilities or by acquiring accommodation elsewhere by administrative means where possible .

To offer to any animal considered by sanctuary staff and veterinary opinion to be suffering unduly, and unable to benefit from medical help, a quick, dignified & painless death.

To raise sufficient funds to facilitate the achievement of the stated aims.