Meet the donkeys

Once a donkey has been taken into our care, we continue to undertake the cost of that care month after month, year after year. The bills increase, if anything, as the animals’ requirements increase – for example, Bracken needed painkillers nearly all the time in her latter days, and these are VERY expensive. We can only continue to help donkeys like her if the funds are available to pay the bills.

Unlike some organisations these days N.E.D.D.I. receives no support from the Lottery fund or similar.

Choose from below if you would like to adopt a donkey:

JAZZY was born to Margaret-Joyce in June 1993. She had neglected to mention to anyone that she was going to have a foal and had not changed shape at all to warn us, so Jazzy was just there in the stable one morning! Like all donkey foals he was very naughty but now he is grown-up, and has turned out to be a very handsome donkey, if a little bossy. He definitely does like his own way!

I would like to Adopt Jazzy!

HEATHER came to us in 1994 after her owners were moving to a new home without land. She was going to be turned out on to the moor to fend for herself! She is very calm and sweet natured, and (we think)particularly beautiful. There was a time when she was the troop leader at NEDDI , but she’s getting on a bit now and has handed over “out-door” leadership to Beatrice, who is a bit fitter and more sprightly!

I would like to adopt Heather

LAURA was born at the sanctuary in 1994. Sheis just a big baby, and has had to be separated from her mother, Penny, whenever possible because she refuses to acknowledge that she is grown-up now!She is very tall for a donkey and no-one can quite work out who her father might have been. Whoever he was, he must have had a very stubborn streak which he has passed on to Laura.

I would like to adopt Laura

VALENTINA was born at the sanctuary on 14th February 1996. Her mother was Alice. Valentina can be a bit over-boisterous sometimes, but it is all very good natured.It is taking some time to learn some manners! She has grown up to be a very good-looking donkey and might win some prizes if she entered some competitions. She would definitely win prizes for escaping through fences – she doesn’t seem to believe that the same rules apply for her as for other animals, and just barges through them if she fancies being on the other side.!

I would like to adopt Valentina

DAKOTA – is a dark grey male with stunning markings, rescued from an uncaring owner in northern France together with Utah, Tahoe, Sequoia & Sierra. He is very handsome (and knows it!) and is a little inclined to stand about in glamorous poses to be admired. Maybe a career in films is called for?

I would like to adopt Dakota

TAHOE – is a dark brown male and very friendly, in spite of what he was suffering when he was found. One of the “gang of five” he is a sweet natured donkey and gets on with all the others very well.

I would like to adopt Tahoe

SEQUOIA – was rescued in the north of France in a very bad way, but lots better now, and happy with her lovely daughter Sierra. She can be a little grumpy but that can probably be put down to her early bad times. Sierra, who is much larger than her mother is always there to protect her.

I would like to adopt Sequoia

SIERRA– the daughter of Sequoia, born in safety and very playful! But she likes to look after her mother if she thinks it is called for and will dash over from wherever she is playing to be helpful. She goes very shaggy in her winter coat and is inclined to look a bit like a toy donkey.

I would like to adopt Sierra

DAMIEN – a leggy grey donkey from south west France. He has travelled all over Europe, having been shipped from Romania initially. He was then bought by some people in Spain who could only care for him for a short period. He came to NEDDI in 2004 and is a really sweet natured boy who adores people. Apparently he has a problem with his heart, but fortunately it has not given him any problems yet (keep everything crossed!)

I would like to adopt Damien

BOYSIE was born in 1991 and lived for a long time with his father & sister COQUETTE some way outside Paris. Their owner used to visit them every Sunday but as she got older even this unsatisfactory arrangement got more and more difficult. She was very worried for their safety in case something happened during the week, or if she could not visit, so a veterinary friend of the family sought out NEDDI & arranged for them to come into NEDDI’s care. They are VERY big – tall and proportionately large generally. Most people think they are large mules, or a donkey of the Poitou breed, but they do not have that distinctive “Rasta” coat. They are just – big! They took a little time to get used to new people and new donkeys but are now happy in their home, even if it’s a bit tricky getting round them if the are standing in the way! They certainly have adapted to one British way of live for donkeys – Polos. Definitely a good idea, they feel.

I would like to adopt Boysie

I would like to adopt Coquette

DAISY was born in the sanctuary to Alice in 1993. They both had a very bad time to start with and we thought that we might lose one or both of them. Daisy had to be hand fed for some time, and that meant a good few sleepless nights for the sanctuary staff, who took it in turns to feed her. Even though she was born in mid-summer the weather was very cold and wet and in order to get her and Alice out in the fresh air and green grass, she had to wear an old sweater for the first few days. She is now big and strong and a bit pushy, but is the only one who can keep Jazzy in order, and the only one he will agree to share a stable or feed rack with.

I would like to adopt Daisy


SALLY was found wandering the lanes of Cornwall by the police and was taken in to the care of the NEDDI herd. She has wonderfully stripey legs, just as if the is wearing striped stockings. A bit of a loner, content to be around other donkeys and people but not actually with them.

I would like to adopt Sally

LILY Lily came to the NEDDI sanctuary from a very loving home, but she was living in the back garden and getting very bored and fractious and was behaving very badly, which is only natural for a young donkey who needs space and companionship. Her life was about to get even more difficult when her family’s circumstances changed for the worse, so it was looking really bad for her. Donkeys in France who are sold to unknown people often face a very uncertain future and her owner was terrified as to what might happen to her. She was born in 2002 so is still quite young and loves being with the NEDDI herd.
I would like to adopt Lily