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donkey sanctuaryBy adopting one of the donkeys you will be helping us to cover the costs of his or her care. A suggested minimum of £15.50 brings an adoption certificate with a picture of your chosen donkey, together with a news-letter and new picture in 6 months’ time Click here to view the donkeys


adopt a donkeyThe New European Distressed Donkey Initiative is a non-profit making company, limited by guarantee. Established in 1990 it offers care and safety to donkeys within Britain and Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or mal-treatment. When BRACKEN arrived she had to be carried from the lorry – her feet were so painful that she had been “walking” on her knees for months. NEDDI was able to provide veterinary help. She was with us for 15 years, and had to continue with pain-killers all that time but she enjoyed a happy retirement and died at the very old age of 56. BRIDIE had had her hooves cut off with an electric saw, and they are deformed to this day, but with NEDDI’s help she lives a peaceful and comfortable life. These are just a few of the donkeys we care for at our sanctuary and nearly every story has a happy ending. We raise funds in various ways, – by donations, regular or otherwise. Through Adopt a Donkey , by the sale of our lovely gifts, and through legacies.

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    Krishnagiri: On Sunday, a group of Krishnagiri villagers arranged for a strange wedding between donkeys, an ancient ritual seeking rain. As the southwest monsoon is getting delayed, the villagers believe that the donkey wedding would please the rain god and bring showers to their region. “The donkey marriage is held in the belief that it would bring rain,” said K. Madesh, 55, the ...more

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